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3 Williams St
Dayboro, QLD, 4521

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Prime Compounding Pharmacy provides the best priced compounded medicines in Australia, with 90% of orders delivered within 24 hours.  We take pride in using TGA registered suppliers to make our products in our two purpose built laboratories.


Medicine FAQ

General Medicine

What are the benefits of compounding?

The benefits of compounded medications is their ability to be personalised. Today many people have allergies to additives, preservatives and dyes in drugs, or can not get their required strength commercially. Compounding enables medications to be made without additives, preservatives and dyes, and in strengths, flavours and dosage forms not commercially available. 


Is compounding expensive?

The price of compounded medication varies greatly depending on the ingredients, simplicity of making, and the type of dosage form requested. Compounded medications are not covered by the PBS and thus are private prescriptions, however some health funds with give reimbursements on certain medications. Prime Compounding does however offer a lowest price guarantee. 


Are compounded medications covered by the PBS or Private Health Insurance?

No. Compounded medications are not covered by the PBS and are thus private prescriptions. Most health funds will offer a reimbursement for certain compounded medications over a certain price. To find out more of which medications are covered, you will need to contact your health fund.  


What medications can be compounded?

Almost any medication can be compounded provided the raw ingredients are available. Medications that have been discontinued by the manufacturers can also be compounded so long as they aren't discontinued because of safety concerns. 


How long does it take for a compounded medication to be made?

It should take no longer than 4 working days. Generally your medication will be ready the next working day, however if we are required to order in special ingredients for you, it may take up to 3-4 working days


Is it safe for children and the elderly? 

Yes. In fact, children and the elderly often benefit more from compounding than most other patients. Compounding offers a range of different dosage forms and flavours which make taking medication a whole lot easier. Children who can't swallow tablets or stand the taste of medication benefit greatly from medication compounded into pleasantly flavoured lollipops, ice-blocks, lozenges or syrups. The elderly often lose their ability to swallow large or many tablets, so a combination of compatible drugs into one dose or medications compounded into syrups and transdermal creams make taking their medication much easier.  


Are the flavours natural? Where are they sourced? 

Most of the flavours we use are classed under the current food regulations as 'natural'. If you have any special requirements please ask us. 


Bio-Identical HRT FAQ

Are bio-identical hormones safe?

Bio-identical hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones that our body naturally produces. They are extracted from wild yams and soy beans. Unlike synthetic hormones, these hormones are recognised by the body as natural hormones, and for this reason they are considered ‘bio-identical’ and therefore a safer alternative to traditional HRT treatments. 


Do I need a blood test to check my hormone levels?

A saliva test is preferable as it more accurate, however a blood test is satisfactory. These tests should be done every 2 or so months so that ongoing assessment can be made and alterations if necessary. 


Can my GP prescribe bio-identical hormone replacement therapies?

Yes, many GPs already prescribe BHRT, however if your GP is unfamiliar with the process, we are happy to support them by providing written information, prescribing guidelines and recommend formulations. Alternatively contact us and we will recommend a GP in your area.


Where are bio-identical hormones sourced?

Bio-identical hormones are sourced from the oils in wild yams and soy beans, then altered in a lab to exactly match those of humans. 


Are there any side effects when taking bio-identical hormones?

Like any medication, there is a chance of side effects when taking BHRT, although the side effects are usually dose related. By altering your dose the side effects are often able to be eliminated, or at least reduced. Having customised medications is an advantage in this area as we can continue to alter your doses and formulations until we find the one best suited to you.  


Will I gain weight while taking bio-identical hormones?

No. Initially you might retain some fluid but once we have refined your dosage, you should lose the fluid and actually tone up muscle and lose fat. This, of course, will depend on the hormones prescribed and the dosage.


How much will BHRT cost me?

On average, BHRT will cost around $80 for one to two months. This will vary on the hormones and dosages prescribed. BHRT is not covered by the PBS, although some health funds will reimburse part of the costs.