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3 Williams St
Dayboro, QLD, 4521

(07) 3425 2664

Prime Compounding Pharmacy provides the best priced compounded medicines in Australia, with 90% of orders delivered within 24 hours.  We take pride in using TGA registered suppliers to make our products in our two purpose built laboratories.


Dosage Forms

Specialised Dosage Forms

Compounding specialises in meeting each patient's individual needs. A very common inconvenience with commercially made medications is the lack of varying dosage forms. Many patients have difficulty, or are incapable of swallowing tablets. Others may not be able to tolerate the effective oral dose because of side effects. Prime Compounding offers you a range of easy-to-use alternatives to replace the insufferable tablet. 

We can formulate compounds that are not orally bio-available into trans-dermal preparations. Trans-dermal compounds can also be a more effective absorption method and cause less side effects than oral medications. Most medication can be re-formulated into capsule, creams, suspensions, suppositories, and sub-lingual troches and lozenges.

Dosage forms include:


Available in different sizes, capsules provide an easy to swallow medicine and can contain a combination of compatible medications in one single dose.


Many medications not produced in liquid form can be compounded into a pleasantly flavoured suspension. Commercially available liquids can also be flavoured for those who have difficulty tolerating their bitter taste; especially children's medications.


Delivered rectally, vaginally or urethrally, suppositories are an effective way to treat local conditions such as nausea, haemorrhoids, infections and inflammation, as well as being an effective delivery device for hormone replacement therapy and slow-release medications. Suppositories are available in a range of shapes depending on administration.   


Medication given in a 'lozenge' form that dissolves in the mouth is effective in administering medication when local action is needed. Troches provide a quick and efficient delivery of medication to the bloodstream when dissolved sub-lingually, under the tongue.   

Topical Preparations

For effective and rapid absorption of medication, gels, creams, lotions, sprays and foams are favoured. Topical preparations are effective in avoiding many of the side-effects caused by orally administered medications.  


Lollipops are a child friendly way of administering certain medications, especially those that are required for local action in the mouth. They can be flavoured into a vast range of pleasant flavours that children love.